I couldn't help but notice that this platform is feeling stagnated

I don’t have anything to post right now (though I am working on some) but I feel like this platform is blocked. there hasn’t been a post since @SwanburnianPrincess replied in to:itself two months ago so I’ve made a list that might help you figure out why and hopefully help combat it
note: this is a list of questions so feel free to ad on questions of your own for what ever reason you like they will be appreciated

  • many of the users of wordsmiths at this point are students of aspire scholar academy (A.S.A) since right now is summer break I’m wondering if your motivation to write is wintering (or uh summering) because the classes that make those motivations are currently inconsistent

  • you might be planning on posting something except that it’s a longer and\or your writing several of them and are still working on them (I think that I fit into this category best)

  • once again in context to being on summer break from A.S.A. and\or any other school that you go to you may have over the school year experienced literary burnout and it at this point it is still physically impossible to apply pen to paper

this social platform is one of the few that I can use I don’t do Instagram Facebook or twitter (and I don’t care that it was renamed X) and definitely not snap-chat and ticktock (for good reason to)
not to mention a few others but I just appreciate that I can find a place where we can talk all we want about what we like and I don’t want this place to fall apart because of any of these reasons, summers writers block or something beyond and I just want to end by saying this:
@Findirfin thank you.


I’m expecting that it will pick back up once the school year starts

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by all means :slightly_smiling_face::+1: (by the way how come replies have to be at least twenty characters?)