Have Hope, a poem to uplift and to enjoy

This is my original piece of good poetry, designed to uplift as will be evident to the reader. But that’s enough chit-chat let’s get to the poem.

Have Hope

Tell me, oh tell me, are you being misused,
poverty lost, love, doubt, hate, or abuse?
Well here is a motto you might want to use:
have hope, have hope.

Oh, a hobo thin as a mat
hopefully looks for a smiling cat.
Do you know what a smiling cat means:
have hope, have hope.

Immigrant children walking on.
They are depressed and all hope is gone.
the mothers came out and sang them a song:
have hope, have hope.

Heart shattered father sank to his knees
at the grave of his daughter Louis.
realizing music was the key he sang:
have hope, have hope.

Then the hobo found the right cat
and went to sleep without breathing gnats.
And the immigrants, at the break of day,
found a town in a valley before them lay.
And the stricken father was once more gay
when he sang:

Have hope, have hope.

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