An ode to the sea, a poem of sailing in the early victorian period

I found this poem while puttering about my google docs I had actually written it several weeks before for a play but since it lacks reference to the play in question it is simply an ode to the sea. I definitely would have posted it then but afterward I was so busy I never even got around to thinking about it.

An ode to the sea
Look fair ‘pon the sea for it waves to the wind
as the gannets wings reach for the sky
Let us ride these sweet waves to ride at the helm
and with these white wings we fly

Look well ‘pon the sea for the sea creatures dwell there
Leaping about without care
When darkness descends they seem to set flame
to mirror the stars in the air

Behold the deep sea for the siren song dwell’s
those who come never wish to be free
when we’re at home and we wish to come back here
We’ll ride at the back of the breeze.